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Bollywood School of Music offers structured lessons laid out to suit every individual based on their skill levels and learning desires.

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Learning levels

We have great levels planned and built to bring out the best musician in you by carefully hand picking and crafting the lessons to reach an outcome every term. Duration of every level is one term (10 to 12 classes). Over the nine/ten weeks of the course, you will learn to play a variety of fun, well known songs on the keyboard using a range of techniques. Find out how to strum effectively, identify keys, play with a pick and finger style, read simple music, both tablature and standard notation, tune your guitar, interpret chord diagrams and strumming patterns and understand the fretboard, with an experienced tutor who has experience in all styles.

Sessions below gives you an overview of what these levels offer.

Introduction to the world of music.

  • Read musical notes.
  • Introduction to major scales.
  • Minor scales
  • Plays chords and melody using both hands
  • Play instrumental for few songs with the help of Teacher
  • Bringing out a creative musician


Bollywood School of Music not only provides quality music lessons but also provides a platform to showcase the talent. Every student from Legato level and above is eligible to perform on stage which happens in the month of November in Sydney every year.


Students will be provided with certificates at the end of every level/term to acknowledge their effort and hard work. This would also mean that the student has completed the level and is ready to start the next level.